Monday, December 4, 2006

Cultivate The Attitude of Gratitude

One of the most important lessons in the metaphysics of abundance and manifestation is being gracious and showing gratitude. By being genuinely grateful for the things you have, you send a signal to the Universe to send you more wonderful things and experiences. Spend time daily thinking of those things you are thankful for.

You may also try this experiment. Think of something you'd like to manifest in your life. Close your eyes and imagine, as vividly as possible, what life will be like when you have manifested it. Put yourself into a moving scene, feel the sensations, smell the smells, hear the sounds. Now, simply allow yourself to become as grateful as you can be to the Universe for producing Exactly what you desired. Be grateful now as if you already have the thing that you are now manifesting.

This is the essence of conscious creation, and you will amaze yourself the first few times your dreams become reality. Keep the gratitude and all good things will be yours.

Another great practice is to remember to say thank you. My twin girls were born prematurely and wound up spending a few weeks in Intensive Care. Every day I thanked the Universe for our little gifts and how well they were doing. The nurses were simply amazed at how well our girls were doing, and how quickly they grew.

Every day, when we visited the hospital, we thanked the nurses for taking such good care of our children. Even though many of them said, "it's our job," every one's face would light up. Over time, the nurses became a second family to us. Many of them would try to switch assignments to be able to work with our girls. The nurses would even afford us special 'perks' - letting us stay past designated visiting times.

When you thank people and the Universe (same thing really), you must be genuine and mean it. An off the cuff "thanks" when a waitress brings you a glass of water has little energy behind it. "Thank you, I can see how busy you are," goes so much farther.

Be specific, be genuine. Everything in the Universe is rightfully yours for the asking, as long as you play by its rules.