Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What is Sin?

I know that this post may offend the sensibilities of some, and you're welcome. If hearing things that conflict with your beliefs offends you - then you need to be offended a lot. It is time to break down the walls you have built around insecurity.

Today I want to talk about sin since the entire planet seems to have this concept all wrong. This is funny, because the real definition of sin is wrong thinking, or ignorance.

Most people with a concept of sin believe that god has a rule book, and when you break his rules "HE" is offended. What an incredibly impoverished concept of a divine being. How could you possibly offend an infinite, omnipresent, and omnipotent entity that created the entire universe? That's just nonsense. God is way cooler than that.

The other HUGE problem with this idea is that nobody agrees on the rulebook, and everybody thinks their rulebook is the one true rulebook. We start wars and torture each other over who has the "real" rulebook. This is the ego in action, and is about as far removed from the true experience of God as we can get.

To understand this a little better we need a very brief history, civics, and sociology lesson. For thousands of years of human history, in order to survive, most people needed to be content with gathering or producing food. Before the industrial revolution, if everybody went to college to become doctors or philosophers we'd all have starved to death.

In order to keep people "in their place" and to ensure good social behavior, people were promised a reward at the end of your life. Suffer now, and you will go to heaven. Upset the rules and you will go to hell. It's the old carrot and the stick philosophy.

All religions formed sets of rules to keep social order. No killing, no stealing, no coveting, no sex for pleasure. Some religions also created dietary restrictions to keep their people from getting foodborne illnesses. In order to enforce the rules, fear and the promise of future reward were used - after all the rules came directly from God (wink wink).

The rule-makers became very powerful and wealthy, and those they ruled over very poor and humble. Remember the dark ages?

Since God is omnipresent, you are not separate from God ever. It would be impossible to be separate from God. You are a very direct extension of God, an integral part of God. How could you do something that offends God when you are part of God?

Heaven and hell are not planes you get to after you die, they are right here. Correct thinking creates your heaven on Earth - right now. Incorrect thinking brings hell on Earth.

My wise Granny once told me her concept of heaven and hell: "When I do nice things for people, I am happy inside and I am in heaven. When I am angry I am tortured and in hell." What a wonderful idea. The control rests with us, as God intended.

Creating negativity in your thoughts and emotions puts you in a hell-state. The good news is that the opposite is also true - you can create the heaven state as well. Our thoughts are things, and they create the Universe around us. What kind of Universe do you want to live in? Think it so.