Friday, December 15, 2006

On The Concreteness Of Time

"Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."
-Albert Einstein
The metaphysician knows that the world around him is the fleeting creation of his own consciousness. That time, space, and everything else is as flexible as that consciousness. Change your consciousness, change reality - it's that simple.

Let's take time. In the West we believe time to be a linear progression, a constant, it never changes. Yet many other cultures outside the West, most notably the Aborigines of Australia, have entirely different consciousness of time and thrive. Their model is not delusional because it differs from ours - it works perfectly for them. Their consciousness is different.

Our awareness of time is very flexible. Compare the time you observe while sitting in a dentist's chair to the time you observe when having fun with friends. I'll bet that your experience of time is very different. Which experience is valid and which is invalid? And as you begin to see your experience of time as flexible, you may also realize that space and matter are all tied up in the same stuff.

Experiments conducted at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Labs (and other places) have proven that the cause-effect relationship is tenuous. Sometimes the effect happens before the cause. This would be impossible if time were always linear.

Quantum physics is beginning to discover the workings of time, and the fact that our world is made up of many different dimensions. The world, as we know it is brought into being when our awareness collapses waves of probabilities into reality. Our consciousness creates reality.

Scientists have know for years that the very act of observing or measuring particles in experiments changed their behavior. Einstein called this "spooky science". Our observation, awareness, and consciousness affects all light and physical matter. This has been proven experimentally.

So science and spirituality are beginning to come together. They are approaching the same problems using different vocabulary and methods. Both are valid.

The very few scientists who are atheistic and believe only in a mechanical Universe are holding a belief system as impoverished as the religious fundamentalists who think that their creation myth is literal truth. However, both of these creatures are increasingly rare.

Allow the knowledge that you are creating your reality to grow and be careful what you will into existance.