Thursday, November 30, 2006

Express, Repress, Or Let Go

We all have these computer programs that live inside us called feelings. Despite fooling ourselves into thinking we are in control, for many - the programs run us.

Without getting too deep metaphysically - feelings are mostly the programs we have created to keep our ego safe. Our ego is our false sense that we are separate from the Universe. Our ego sets up these programs and whispers to you that you are going to die if you wipe them out. The ego only lies.

You are an infinite being already one with the Universe. To realize that at each level of consciousness, the first step is to clear away the emotional clutter. There are many techniques for doing so, I recommend a couple of them.

First, get your hands on Hale Dwoskin's book The Sedona Method and, if you can, take a live course. This little book outlines the simplest method I have ever found to merge more fully into your beingness. This should be required reading for every human being on the planet.

I also suggest the work of Byron Katie, namely her book Loving What Is. This is a powerful method to discover what you are resisting and let it go.

Laughing and meditating are two of the best informal ways to dissolve emotional programs. Laughing is a very primal way to let go of stored emotional energy. Even though it is an outward expression of emotion, it helps the energy to move and not to stick. Have you ever been in an argument with someone and you both just start laughing? What happens to the anger when the laughter clears? Ever experience an infant laughing?

Meditation (see the exercise I described yesterday) calms the stormy waters of your mind and allows you to touch your God-self.

Since emotions contain a lot of energy, and energy never disappears, there are only three things you can do with your emotional programs. Express them. Repress them. Let them go.

We can express our emotions in many ways - crying, punching out our neighbor, having a heart attack. The problem with this is that you are actually reinforcing the core pattern. You feel a little better but the program that created this emotion is still there.

Most of repress a lot of stuff. Repressing emotions is like trying to push a beach-ball under water. It's always going to pop up somewhere, and probably where you don't expect it. Repression, or resistance, actually strengthens our programs because the energy builds. Think of a pressure cooker about to blow.

Letting go is the best possible option. Letting go transforms the emotion into it's component energy and releases it into the world and into our energy system. People who are good at releasing have endless energy because they aren't constantly exerting themselves trying to repress. Lester Levinson, founder of the Sedona Method, could go for days on end without sleeping - even into his 80s.

I can't tell you just how important it is to learn to release, by whatever method you choose. And, when that ego comes popping up telling you you're going to die, know that you are an infinite part of the Universe.