Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Try Softer

A friend of mine who teaches jujutsu in Japan frequently signs his emails with the imperative - "try softer." This is obviously a play on the cliche "try harder" but it carries a lot of meaning.

As a martial art, jujutsu focuses on yielding to an opponents energy instead of directly conflicting with it. Let the energy do what it wants, stop resisting and it will diffuse itself. This is a perfect metaphor for the Universe (but then again, everything is a perfect metaphor for a holographic Universe).

Did you ever notice that the harder you try to control things, the more frequently you lose control. It's the grasping of attachment that pushes things away, and the scrambling energy of aversion that holds them closer. Instead, let the energy do what it wants and step out of the way.

Just like people, the more you push against the Universe, the more it pushes back. As an infinite being, you can just relax and float in the sea of beingness that you and the Universe are.