Thursday, December 21, 2006

Can A Limited Mind Conceive of an Unlimited Self?


Pretty simple eh?

The so-called conscious mind (the one we usually identify with) can hold between 5-9 pieces of information at any given time. The subconscious mind processes millions of bits of data a second. And this is nothing compared to the vast wealth of information that makes up the Universe.

Because the conscious mind is the only one we're aware of, we give it more credit than it is due. The subconscious is the true powerhouse of our physical existence.

I'm sure you can remember a time when you were sitting in a restaurant or other crowded location, all the conversations around you faded into the background. Perhaps someone spoke your name or said something else and you heard it and shifted your attention to listen. Let me ask you this: If you weren't aware of every word of every conversation in that crowded restaurant, how did you pick out your name, or that one word that sparked your attention?

Your subconscious mind was processing every single word of every conversation in that room, and forced you to shift attention. Think about trying to consciously follow 20 simultaneous conversations. You couldn't do it.

And, while it was doing that it was keeping you breathing, your heart beating, your temperature regulated, stuff moving into short and long term memory, and processing every other sensory input you're capable of. When you really think about the every-day capabilities of the subconscious mind it is truly astonishing.

However, that's nothing compared to the unlimited nature of Self. The subconscious mind is simply an automaton, part of the mechanical out-projection of the self. It merely follows orders.

Whose orders does it follow?

A ha! - That's the root question isn't it. I'm not going to answer that question - sorry. Instead I am going to leave you with a few questions for self-inquiry. You may silently ask yourself these questions during the day and especially during meditation. Who knows, they just may open your consciousness and show you who you are.

The questions:

  • Who chooses the thoughts I am having?
  • When I observe my thoughts, who is the observer?
  • If I am not my mind, and not my body, who am I?
Good luck.