Wednesday, December 20, 2006

How You Are Sabotaging Your Abundance

The mind is a creative organ. You can use it to create anything you wish. Why then aren't you getting your desires manifested.

There is only one reason that everything you desire doesn't appear before you - you are preventing it. "Nonsense," you say, "why would I do that?"

Let's say that you set the intention to create a million dollars tax free. If you truly set this intention with belief and feeling, the Universe will start to move itself to produce it for you. The problem is that the monkey-mind meddles.

Before the million bucks can show up in our limited awareness of time and space, we start to have negating thoughts and intentions. We think: "I don't think this is working." "How am I going to make that million bucks?" "I need it now or never." and eventually we give up the belief that it can happen.

Consistent and unwavering belief is the key to producing everything with conscious control. Another definition for this is faith. However, faith takes discipline. You must work to let go of self-negating thoughts and feelings.

I have mentioned a couple of tools that are amazing for doing this - the Sedona Method, and the Release Technique (abundance course) are two of the finest.

Remember that your mind is your slave, not vice versa. Do not let your mind run you, you run your mind. Show that monkey who's boss.