Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Intention is Everything

We create our universe, you and I. Whether conscious or unconscious, our thoughts become things. Everything that is would not exist to us without our thinking about it. It's a powerful idea, and one of the most important tenets of metaphysics.

My personal practice of metaphysics revolves around becoming more conscious of the way I create the universe, and do so with more alignment between my conscious and unconscious.

Ester Hicks, in her Abraham books, puts forth a wonderful practice she has called segment Intending. This is, having a set intention for just about everything you do. Notice I did not say "goal". An intention is more resolute than a goal.

So you might wake up and set the intention that you are going to have a day where you feel great and learn something new. Then, before you brush your teeth, you set the intention that you are going to have a healthy mouth. And keep setting intentions throughout your day.

A couple of important things happen then:

  1. Instead of living robotically, you begin to wake up and live life more consciously.
  2. You actually start to shape your experiences to be what you want.
  3. You realize that you and God are inseparable partners in the creation of the universe
Life is the ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy. Have you ever known someone who, during cold season, constantly says - "I just know I'm going to get sick"? What happens? They get sick. I once drank water that turned out to make over 300 people seriously ill and had no ill effect. I simply told myself - I have things to do and I will stay healthy. I BELIEVED it too.

I can tell you that I have used the metaphysical power of intention to buy the exact house I wanted (when it wasn't on the market yet). When my wife and I wanted to have kids I told her exactly when and where we would conceive and that we would have twin daughters - it happened. I have manufactured the life I want perfectly, and so can you.

First, set an intention. Then, you must believe to the depths of your soul that what you intend is already true. Lastly, let go and let god. Don't try to manage how your intention comes to fruition. God does not need to be micromanaged, and frankly - we'd mess it all up. You do not need or even want to control the process of manifesting your intention.