Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Happy New Year - Feel Good!

Happy New Year...seriously. Be happy in 2007. Why is it important to be happy? Is it just because it feels good?

From a metaphysical standpoint, emotions are vibrations of energy. You've probably heard or used the expression, "I got a weird vibe from that person." This is shorthand for talking about a feeling you got that you couldn't really wrap words around.

At our core, feelings are complexes of tens of thousands of thoughts. If your dominant thoughts are "negative" then you will get a bad feeling, if your dominant thoughts are happy - then you'll have a happy feeling. It really is that simple. And, when you let go of an unpleasant feeling, you are loosening the hold of thousands of thoughts over your mind.

Remember, your mind is your servant - it is there for you. You created it so you should be the one to tell it what to do.

Trying to hold conflicting thoughts or feelings creates an uncomfortable situation called cognitive dissonance. Eventually the dominant thought will win out. This is why people sometimes describe depression as a downward spiral. You can build emotional momentum, so let's move it in the right direction.

The law of attraction states that we create what we focus on. So, the emotional state is not just a barometer, but it is also a creative tool. Staying negative only creates those things you do not want. Positive emotions, leading to positive thoughts, can only create that which you want.

Find some tools to use to get yourself into a happy state and stay there. Beware of escapism, it only masks the underlying state. Self inquiry using tools like the Sedona Method, is one of the best ways to do this.